Bikers Against Child Abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse

Today GothRider Magazine is kicking off a monthly series highlighting biker charities. We know there?s a lot more to being a biker than leather and chains. Bikers love to give back through charity rides and organizations.

We?re going to start with an overview of Bikers Against Child Abuse International or B.A.C.A. This organization has been making its rounds across social media for a couple years through photos and news stories. But the little memes just don?t do the organization justice.

See, bikers have a reputation of toughness. So, B.A.C.A. figures why not use their scary personas for the people who need it the most. Some kids out there have real monsters, and they need real protection.

B.A.C.A. members shield victims of child abuse. They will stand with the children in court as they face their abuser. But they also do so much more that doesn?t get attention. First they will make a ride to the child?s house in groups. They do this to reassure the child and to let the perpetrator know the child is under their protection.

They will stand guard at the child?s home, and they will even send an official letter to the abuse letting them know the child is under their protection. While B.A.C.A. does not condone violence, they are committed to doing whatever is necessary to protect the child.

B.A.C.A. was started by a biker and therapist who noticed one of his patients was too frightened of his abuser to even leave his home. He included him in his biker group, and it worked! What started as a way to help one child has turned into a worldwide nonprofit.

Members of B.A.C.A. must go through an extensive background check and receive training on trauma and child abuse. They must also ride with the group for a year before sheltering children.

B.A.C.A. is in several countries besides the United States, including Canada and Australia. If you?re interested in joining to help Break the Chains of Child Abuse, find your local chapter here.