Wearable Airbags: Would You Try It?

Wearable Airbag: Would You Try It? | GothRider Magazine

Okay, we realize it sounds a little like pocket protectors: only the nerds wear them, right? But read on: you may be surprised.

The Spine VPD 2.0 Vest is wearable airbag,?the first designed to protect from high speed impact. It is the brainchild of Swedish company POC and a French startup called In&Motion. The first?wearable airbag was designed specifically to protect skiers in case of avalanche. The Spine?is a whole new game.

Originally designed to protect racing skiers from falls, the Spine is now being marketed to motorcyclists. The vest can detect crashes and inflate within 100 milliseconds. It cushions all your crucial body parts: the neck, spine, abdomen, chest, and even your hips.

The Spine went through extensive air tunnel testing with Volvo. It promises not to affect aerodynamics and speed. That’s good for your epic motorcycle trips.

So, does a wearable airbag have to be bulky and hot? No, not at all. The Spine is lightweight and made with breathable mesh. It’s flexible, too, so it’s nothing like wearing a brace or even a seat-belt.

It’s not bad looking either–subtle and sleek. And it passes the Europeans standard for motorcycle armor at the highest levels.

So, what do you think, GothRiders? Is it ridiculous or just a new version of motorcycle body armor? Would you try it?