Sturgis Group Rides

Sturgis Group Rides |GothRider Magazine

One of the best parts of Sturgis are the group rides. Here is what you need to know to participate!

Annual Mayor’s Ride

Date: August 8th

Cost: $176

Cause: Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department

Freebies: Decanter, pin, t-shirt

Sturgis Angel’s Ride (women only)

Date: August 12

Cost: $50

Cause: Nature Conservancy

Freebies: none listed, great for networking and community

Carey Hart Good Ride (new this year!)

Date: August 7

Cost: $176

Cause: Sturgis Brown High School Welding Class

Freebies: lunch, a pool party hosted by Carey Hart, swag bag

Which rides are you doing, GothRiders? Make sure to send us pictures of your rides.