Famous Biker Chicks: Imogen Lehtonen

Famous Biker Chicks: Imogen Lehtonen |GothRider Magazine
Photo from Overthrow

After the first episode of?“Ride with Norman Reedus,”?we fell in love with Imogen Lehtonen. She’s a bad-ass biker with some awesome skills. Today we highlight her and her jewelry.

Imogen is a second-generation silversmith. She was born in London, but now resides in Los Angeles. Her family has been making jewelry for The Great Frog for decades.

The Great Frog is an old London jewelry company, most famous for creating?skull rings. Imogen runs the U.S. location in L.A. Skull rings have become a staple of the biker community, so it’s fitting that the Lehtonen family are avid bikers.

Imogen prefers riding her 2001 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200. Her dad taught her to ride. She says riding her motorcycle brings her closer to him.

She loves to ride cross-country with friends and see new places. She’s a free spirit dressed in leather and silver chains.

When she’s not riding or silversmithing, Imogen has modeled for various companies including?Overthrow. She’s gorgeous and talented!

The Great Frog produces fine custom silver pieces for the most bad-ass among us. Their jewelry typically features skulls and bones, snakes, and other dark features. They sell rings and necklaces, motorcycle accessories, and even fine leather bags.

Most recently, they have produced custom rings for Iron Maiden. Their work can also be seen in the Harry Potter film franchises and with various metal bands such as Motorhead.

We think Imogen and her jewelry are awesome! If you can’t get to L.A. for a custom piece, be sure to check out GothRider’s versions of skull rings.