Bags For Badass Chicks

Bags for Badass Chicks | GothRider Magazine

Every woman knows how hard a great purse can be to find. We want something practical, but stylish. We want something that is functional, but not obnoxious to carry. And most importantly, we want something that just looks like?us.

Whether you’re more of a handbag or tote chick, GothRider has you covered. We have something for every personality type. If you’re a rocker or a biker, or just really into skulls, we’re highlighting all the bags you need today.

The Wristlet

Bags for Badass Chicks | GothRider Magazine

If you want something small and sleek, this leather wallet is perfect. For a quick bike ride or run to the store, this wristlet will fit your phone, lip stick, and wallet contents. If you’re going out for the night, the metal skull detail dresses it up, and you can keep it attached to your wrist for dancing.

The Handbag

Bags for Badass Chicks | GothRider Magazine

Fancy doesn’t have to mean dainty. This handbag is feminine and fierce, and proves you’re a force?to be reckoned with. The golden spikes will spice up any outfit, and the chain will keep the purse close by?your side for a night on the town.

The Tote

Bags for Badass Chicks | GothRider Magazine

If you tend to carry a lot more on a day-to-day basis, you may be more interested in one of these totes bags. These are also great for road trips or airplane carry-ons to carry a few more essential items than just your wallet. In addition to the skulls and roses pattern shown above, the totes also come in a flying skulls and bat pattern. You can even coordinate with your favorite leggings!