The Making of A Biker Chick

leather jacket women's biker fashion

So, you?re looking to show off your badass attitude. What do you need to be a punk goddess or a biker queen? Today, our Lace and Leather article shows you how to put together the most basic biker chic outfit.



Your pants should be tight. It?s much more practical if you?re going to be riding a motorcycle. It also accentuates your, ahem, assets. Tight pants also fit inside your boots. Go for skinny jeans, leather pants, or leggings.


skulls and roses biker fashion women's tee

The shirt is important to flaunt your don?t care attitude. A fitted tee or tank top is classic and sexy. Prints or plain both work. We like prints! A plain camisole will work, too.


leather jacket women's biker fashion

You need a leather jacket to really seal the deal. Plain, studded, buttons, zipper, doesn?t matter. The look is just not complete without a chic leather coat.


Leather boots women's biker fashion

Boots are made for ass-kicking and motorcycle riding. Riding boots are a classic, and look great with leggings. But you?re not limited to that. Ankle boots and high-heeled boots are sexy, too.


gun earrings biker fashion women

Accessory options are unlimited. The right jewelry can make a huge statement. Handbags and purses aren?t just practical, but stylish. Even the right wristwatch can show off your gothic style.


biker makeup

Makeup deserves a post of its own (and it will get one!). But until we give you a how-to guide, keep the following in mind. Be heavy-handed on the mascara, but not so heavy-handed on the face. And red lipstick always suggests you?re dealing with a take-no-shit woman.