Ten Things to Know About Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles | GothRider Magazine

We heard about Zero Motorcycles in the first episode of?Ride with Norman Reedus. We thought they were basically the coolest thing we had ever heard about. Here’s what we’ve learned.

1. They are really lightweight

They are built with aircraft-grade aluminum. Yeah, you’re basically riding an airplane bike.

2. They have been around since 2006

That was the year of the first Zero Motorcycles prototypes.

3. They are affordable

Starting in the $8000 range, the company is dedicated to keeping their bikes available to the average person.

4. They have dirt bikes, street bikes, and everything in between

Even thought they are crazy light, Zero Motorcycles provides a full product line.

5. They are eco-friendly

They are lightweight and electric. They are sustainable.

6. You can get a government tax credit

If you are in America, the government offers a tax credit for buying an environmentally-friendly bike.

7. They are nearly silent

Since the bikes are electric, it doesn’t even sound like they are on. That doesn’t keep them from being powerful and fast, though.

8. They can get up to about 100 mph

But do you really need to go much faster?

9. They cost about a penny per mile to drive

Because they don’t use gasoline, it costs you about one cent per mile to ride one of these motorcycles.

10. Zero Motorcycles believes in their products

Their growth plan is solid, and they offer a 2 year limited warranty on every bike.

GothRiders, who wants an electric bike from Zero? We sure do!