Crazy Roadside Attractions: Deep South Edition

Crazy Roadside Attractions Deep South
Photo by Visit Mississippi

If our Deep South scenic rides post got you itching to head down to Dixie, you definitely need some crazy roadside stops for your trip.

Monument to the Hog, Dothan, Alabama

No trip to the South would be complete without a monument to hogs (we guess!). The hog statue is off the highway and built of scrap metal. It used to represent a business that?s no longer there.

This impressive pig is 26 feet long and 13 feet high. If the pig isn?t enough to make you stop, Dothan is supposedly the Peanut Capital of the World. There?s a giant peanut statue outside the visitor?s center crafted by the same artists as the hog.

Elvis? Birthplace and Statue, Tupelo, Mississippi

It?s not Graceland, but it?s a must-see for any Elvis fans. You can wander the grounds of his childhood home, go inside a small museum, and visit the church where the King learned to love music.

There is also a statue in the town where Elvis performed in 1956. The statue has Presley leaning down with his hand outstretched. Be sure to take a picture holding his hand!

Waffle House Museum, Decatur, Georgia

Waffle House is a common mecca for bikers and truckers (and drunk girls on weekends) alike. This museum is in the original Waffle House, which opened in 1955. But you?ll have to find another location for food!

There is plenty of old Waffle House memorabilia, though. From old waffle irons and uniforms to a jukebox full of Waffle House songs, you?re sure to see something you never thought you?d see.

Button King Museum, Bishopville, South Carolina

Sometimes insomnia leads to great things. Just ask Dalton Stevens, who began crafting with buttons when he developed chronic insomnia. He made a jumpsuit made of buttons, covered various instruments, and covered a Chevy Chevette.

The old man has opened a museum full of his button-covered creations. Call to see if he?s around before you stop in. He accepts donations in lieu of a set admission.

Birthplace of Walmart, Bentonville, Arkansas

Oh, Walmart, we sing your praises. You?re always there for us at obscure hours and have everything we need. The original store, called Walton?s, is now set up for visitors.

See the original five-and-dime style store in the front, and a museum of memorabilia in the back. There?s also a section dedicated just to Sam Walton?s life and persona.

What are your favorite roadside stops in the South?