Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides: Canada Edition

Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides Canada

Today we?re giving a shout-out to our international GothRiders. This week?s scenic routes edition is in the great country of Canada. So if you?re a Canadian biker or just want to take your motorcycle trips international, this is the post for you.

Beaver Valley Run, Ontario

Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides CanadaThis short ride has a little bit of everything. Beaver Valley Run starts at a ski resort off Grey County Road 32. You won?t be on the mountain long, but the views are gorgeous. You?ll end up on Grey County Road 13, which is flat but has amazing turns.

The ride ends at the Georgian Bay. Along the way, you will drive through Eugenia. This is a great little town with some incredible waterfalls.

Parc de la Mauricie, Quebec

Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides CanadaIn the French-speaking province, the National Park (Parc National) lies just northwest of Grand-mere. Drive 53 miles through the park and enjoy a variety of scenery. There are mountains, lush forests, and many lakes and creeks.

The views are incredible, so you will definitely want to make a day of it. Spend time by the water or hike through the forests. The roads are twisty and well-kept.

Niagara Parkway, Ontario

Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides Canada

This is a great day trip if you are in Upstate New York. Just over the U.S.-Canadian border, the Niagara Parkway starts in Fort Erie. It?s a flat ride, but very twisty. And the scenery can?t be beat.

You?ll drive along the Niagara River and see forests and the Niagara Falls. The impressive Niagara skyline is visible, as well as the Niagara Rapids and Brock Monument. The ride ends in the little town of Niagara-on-the-lake.

Canadian Rockies, Alberta

Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides Canada

The northernmost end of the Rocky Mountains are possibly the most beautiful part of the entire range. Starting just west of Calgary is Banff National Park. From there, head north a couple hundred miles through Jasper National Park.

The teal glacial lakes are incredibly picturesque. The roads have twists and turns, and are well-kept. Traffic is an issue during peak season, and roadside amenities are few and far between. Stock up on gas and snacks when you can.