Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides: Midwest United States

Scenic Rides Midwest |GothRider Magazine

GothRider is back with another edition of?great scenic bike rides, this time in the Midwest. The Midwest is a lot more than just cornfields and tumbleweed, and we’ve highlighted some of the most beautiful drives.

Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

The actual drive through Shawnee is not that long, but if you start in Carbondale, you can loop through other great scenery. Just a few miles south of Carbondale is Giant City State Park, which contains huge limestone bluffs.

Past that, you head east?toward Shawnee National Forest. This protected park is part of the Illinois Ozarks. You’ll see caves, mountain lakes, and cypress swamps. Head back along I-45 South to 169. Along the way you’ll ride pass beautiful waterfalls.

The roads are well-kept, with plenty of twists and turns. There are so many places to stop you could easily turn this 100 mile drive into a longer road trip.

Route 536, Ohio

Starting in Hannibal, Ohio, this short ride is exhilarating. Head south for a few miles along a quiet rode that seems made for motorcycles.

There are so many twists and turns that this ride is not meant for beginners. The terrain is high, and there are no guardrails, so be mindful of the speed limits. The views overlook gorgeous hills and valleys.

Route 555, Ohio

A bit longer ride than 536, Route 555 starts in Brush Creek and ends in Chesterville. Enjoy the towns for their small Midwestern charm.

This ride is only about 30 miles one way, so it makes for a great day trip. There are picturesque farmlands and rolling hills. You’ll also drive through part of the stunning Wayne National Forest.

It’s not quite as twisty as 536. However, there are still large sweeps and sharp curves. This is another ride for more experienced bikers.

What are your favorite rides in the Midwest, GothRiders?