Funny & Unusual Road Signs

road signs
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When you’re on a motorcycle, you’re more alert. You usually notice a lot more things cruising down the open road than you would in your car.

Perhaps you’ve come across a few funny, passive-aggressive, or just plain unusual road signs while checking out a new ride.

Here’s a few road signs we’d like to share with you that might be worthy of a second look. Perhaps you have some you’d like to add?

This Road Sign Gives You Fair Warning

Road Signs
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I’d take heed of this road sign spotted in Tennessee or you might end up all wet. It pays to be specifically mindful of the distance as well.

If you go 5.7 miles you should be good, but I wouldn’t round out your trip with an even 6 miles or you might need a towel.



A little Creepy…

Road Sign, Odd
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The deserted area depicted here, and the lack of any houses or children, make this sign just a little bit on the creepy side.

Were there that many instances of people not waving back that a sign was deemed necessary?and what happened to the ones that didn’t wave to the ominous looking children on the sign?

Does that explain the barren area?

Be Sure to Check your Speedometer?

Road Signs
Photo courtesy Flickr

There’s something to be said about being specific, but this road sign gets a little carried away.

Don’t try arguing your way out of a ticket on this road.



Don’t Make Me Spell it Out For You

Road Sign, Biking
Photo via Flickr

Just in case you didn’t understand the word, this road sign gives you a visual of just what to expect in the upcoming road.

But should you expect a bump, or perhaps a mustache?





When a Picture Isn’t?Worth a Thousand Words

Road Signs, Biking
Photo courtesy Flickr

This picture doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

The visor on the hand drawn helmet just might resemble pointed teeth and apparently the ladies restroom is in the main barn?



Finally, All We Can Say Is That It’s Your Choice

Road Signs, Biking
Photo courtesy Flickr

The choices are obvious, either play or pray.

Either way it’s the end of the road and this is the end of the funny and just plain odd road signs that we’re sharing today.





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Do you have any funny or unusual road signs to share with us?