Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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A Few Reasons Biker Boyfriends Are Awesome

When you tell someone your boyfriend is a biker a certain image may enter their mind. Maybe they?re envisioning a leather-clad, tattooed tough guy...

When You Want a Tattoo Re-Do

Let?s face it, not all tattoos are created equal. You know we love them here at Gothrider. But perhaps what you thought was a...

Sexy Tattoos for the Biker Chic

There's just something sexy about a feminine tattoo. The decision to get a tattoo is a personal one. As well as where you want to...

How to Tame Your Tresses While Biking

Today's post about taming your tresses is Part 2 for checking out hairstyles that will keep you looking good on, and off, the motorcycle. We...

Lady Riders, Records & Rallies

It?s not just the boys that like to ride. The first rally roaring onto our page today is geared toward our lady riders. Looks like...

Braids for the Chic Biker Babe

Getting Ready for Your Weekend Ride? Ladies we all know that the struggle is real. How to look badass when you?re trying to figure...

Famous Biker Chicks: Imogen Lehtonen

After the first episode of?"Ride with Norman Reedus,"?we fell in love with Imogen Lehtonen. She's a bad-ass biker with some awesome skills. Today we...

Jewelry for Biker Chic Women

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Jewelry for bad-ass women is no different. If you?re going for the biker chic look, you need...