Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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When You Have Bike Hair & You Do Care

You can find the expression, Helmet hair, Don?t care, everywhere on the internet. That?s because inevitably if you?re wearing a helmet, your hairdo is...

5 Frighteningly Easy Costumes from 1 Cool Item

So you?ve just recieved a last minute invitation to a Halloween party and you don?t want to show up without a costume. Or ladies,...

Braids for the Chic Biker Babe

Getting Ready for Your Weekend Ride? Ladies we all know that the struggle is real. How to look badass when you?re trying to figure...

Bags For Badass Chicks

Every woman knows how hard a great purse can be to find. We want something practical, but stylish. We want something that is functional,...

Famous Biker Chicks: Imogen Lehtonen

After the first episode of?"Ride with Norman Reedus,"?we fell in love with Imogen Lehtonen. She's a bad-ass biker with some awesome skills. Today we...

The Making of A Biker Chick

So, you?re looking to show off your badass attitude. What do you need to be a punk goddess or a biker queen? Today, our...

5 Reasons Leggings Are The New Leather Pants

Ladies, it?s no secret that leggings are the most comfortable form of clothing to ever exist. But leggings are also a huge style statement....

Jewelry for Biker Chic Women

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Jewelry for bad-ass women is no different. If you?re going for the biker chic look, you need...

Lace and Leather: Fashion Articles for Bad-Ass Women

This week, GothRider Magazine is excited to launch a new series of articles specifically for our female customers. Lace and Leather has all your...