4 Things Every Motorcycle Shop Needs

4 Things Every Motorcycle Shop Needs
Bike Shop by Mike Cook

As bikers, we throw a lot of money into our motorcycle habit. And whether we?re upgrading, pimping our rides, or just fixing our favorite bike, we all need a great bike shop. Unfortunately, there are too many bikers with bad experiences at bike shops.

We?ve scoured the feedback of bikers across the internet to compile this list. There are some common themes among the biker community. Read on to find out the things every bike shop needs.

#1 Knowledgeable staff

Look, we think it?s great that you can employ your little brother. Family businesses are the heart of the American economy. But if your little brother doesn?t ride motorcycles and has no interest in them, please don?t have him on the front end.

Too often bikers go to bike shops because they need help. Maybe it?s a problem the rider can?t fix. Maybe there?s a product question that just can?t be found on the internet.

Regardless, when we go into a bike shop, we want to know that we can be helped. Make sure the staff interacting with customers are bikers. Make sure they know their products. And if there?s a question the staff can?t answer, make sure they know where to find the answer.

#2 Fair prices

We get it. Business owners need to make money. But bikers already spend a crazy amount of money on the upkeep of their motorcycles.

If you?re one of the few bike shops in the area, it is your capitalist right to charge what you want. But your potential customers may just drive further for a better deal.

We want to support you, but we also need to support ourselves. Make sure you aren?t taking advantage of your customers. Compare your prices with other bike shops in the state. Assure us that your service is worth your price.

#3 Great deals

This is related to fair prices but is a standalone trait. We don?t want you to undersell yourself. We also want a reason to keep coming back to you.

If someone comes in for a repair, and their bike comes back with tire pressures and coolant levels checked, they will be repeat customers. If you sell gear, rewards memberships will guarantee regular business. Offer to mount the second tire for free or a significant discount.

And nothing would be nicer to see than a sparkling clean bike after a repair. Your great deals will result in loyal customers and word-of-mouth advertising.

#4 A sense of community

Bike shops have a unique ability to foster a sense of community among local bikers. For bikers, local motorcycle events introduce us to new people in our area. For bike shops, events pull in a loyal customer base. It?s a win-win situation.

Host weekend rides or biker breakfasts on Saturdays. Have pizza or barbecue nights where your mechanics teach basic maintenance. Offer a bikini-clad bike wash in the summer. If it?s legal in your state, host a poker night.

Bikers believe in community. Bike shops should take full advantage of biker solidarity.
Do you agree with our list? What traits would you add? What?s your favorite bike shop like? Sound off in the comments!