Why Travel to a Biker Rally When You Can Have Your Own

Why Travel to a Biker Rally When You Can Have Your Own
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
Maybe you didn?t have the time to get out to a motorcycle rally this year, or perhaps you love biker rallies so much that you can?t get enough but unfortunately there isn?t a rally that will fit in your schedule now. No matter what has you longing for a motorcycle rally, there?s no reason you can?t bring the rally to you by having your own at home.   A rally is a reason to bring like-minded, motorcycle-loving people together to enjoy good food, music, and fun while showing off your bike. Why not skip the trip and put together your own rally with your best motorcycle buddies? Just gather the awesome key elements and get ready to rally!

Filling the Biker?s Belly

Your choice in food will depend on the season, the reason, and how much space you have available. Most people are there for the party and aren?t worried about a fancy spread of food, but a few easy options include:  
  • The season: If the weather cooperates, have a barbeque. Hamburgers and hotdogs keep the costs low and you can spread out on the lawn to get the real feel of a rally.
  • The reason: Keep it simple and just have appetizers and snacks. Your biker buddies are there for cruising and conversation anyway.
  • Your space: If you have the room, host a contest for the best: chili, wings or other designated food so each person can participate and it?s less pressure on you to plan food.

The Drinks and Decor

Have some fun and create your own unique drinks. You can check out some of ours to get you started. Add to the fun with some badass mugs but just make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic options, because people will be coming back for more just to keep using them.   No matter what time of year, most bikers love the frightfully fun d?cor that goes along with Halloween. Stock up if it?s the season, or make your own decorations.

A Badass Ride

What?s a rally without a ride? Perhaps you live near a badass ride, but more than likely, you have your own favorite ride that you?re dying to show off. Gather your friends and lead the way. Let the deafening roar of your bikes rock your neighborhood.

The Rock and Roll

A rally isn?t complete without some rock and roll. Fire up the tunes, or plan a soundtrack complete with all your favorite songs that get you in the motorcycling mindset.

And of Course, There?s The Bikes

Bikers like to show off their cherished motorcycle almost more than a mother with her new baby. Take some time to talk shop and check out new mods.   Perhaps your rally will become a new annual tradition with you and your friends, or plan to take a turn at someone else?s house next year. Either way, you?ll still be the coolest in your group for coming up with the idea of having your own biker rally.