What Type of Motorcycle Helmet Do You Prefer?

What Type of Motorcycle Helmet Do You Prefer?
courtesy Pixabay creative commons

Helmet styles are a personal choice. Often it comes down to whether your priority is comfort, safety or style as you choose what type of motorcycle helmet you prefer. Although you might also have to consider what kind of motorcycle you ride and where you're riding.

Full-Face Helmet

There are different shapes of full-face helmets. Basically it has a chin bar and it covers, well, your full-face and head. It's kind of like the all-inclusive for helmets in that it covers everything so it's awesome for safety and aerodynamically slippery against the wind.   One benefit is that you don?t have to wear goggles like some of the other styles, but you might encounter fogging and also glare depending upon the tinting of the visor. There are also cool tech gadgets you can add on like Bluetooth or the ability to talk to yourbackseat biker babewhile riding. Some bikers don't like the feeling of being completely closed in and miss the wind caressing their cheeks.

Modular (Flip Up)

This helmet can go from full-face to open-face. You can't wear the helmet flipped up while you're cruising down the road, but this versatility comes in handy once you stop. It allows you to flip your lid to eat, or talk with your bike posse without completely removing your helmet.

Open Face (3/4 Helmet)

If you're looking for that old school feeling, you might prefer the open-face helmet. There's no chin bar or face shield so you enjoy the feel of the wind, but unfortunately you also get everything that comes with it like dust and bugs so you might want to wear a bandanna. You definitely need goggles or other eyewear so the sun or a bug doesn't blind you.  

Half Helmet (Brain Bucket)

If you want to kind of wear a helmet, but not really, you might opt for the half helmet. I's often referenced to as a brain bucket since that's about all it covers. The minimal coverage makes it lightweight and lets you enjoy the freedom of almost going helmetless.

Off Road (Motocross) and Dual-Sport (crossover)

The off road helmet s different from full-face by the pronounced angular chin bars. These help to to minimize weight and maximize ventilation. It's best for off road because there's minimal soundproofing against the noise of traffic. Even though the sun peak design can protect you from glare, you might want to grab your goggles or some shades. The dual-sport is a bit between off-road and full-face style.

No Helmet

Of course there is also another choice, and that's opting for complete freedom and avoiding helmet hair by forgoing wearing a helmet at all.   This list only covers the bare basics. If you want more details on helmets check out this article here.