Combining Boring Business with Badass Biker

Combining Boring Business with Badass Biker
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
You can take the business out of a biker but you can?t just take the biker out of?anyone. Even if you?re impeccably dressed in a suit and tie, who knows, you might be rocking a badass tank under that dress shirt. Or perhaps the long sleeves of your button down shirt or sweater are cloaking your ink. Those a bit more daring might even challenge, or boost, the business dress code with a sexy corset peeking from underneath their blazer. Perhaps you?ve consciously chosen to mold biker apparel into your personal look?or maybe it?s because it?s the only thing that you wear.

The Look of a Biker

When most people think of a biker, they often have a certain image in their mind. A look that coincides with what many people consider the stereotypical biker. You know:
  • Leather
  • Lace
  • Tattoos
  • Bling
  • Boots
That?s not to say we don?t love all of the above. We just want to say that clothing might ?make the man, or the woman? but that isn?t all that it takes to prompt your heart to beat to the badass, hardcore rock and roll drum of a biker. These are the things that you don?t leave at the door. They?re a part of you, no matter what the setting.

The Company You Choose to Keep

We know that bikers come from all walks of life but we?re drawn together by our common interests and beliefs. Even though we might bond over talk about motorcycles, music and ink, it?s deeper than just that. We might go from raising a hand in a biker wave to the stranger on the road, to sitting at the office with our coworkers or our crew, but we know often our interests extend further. We tend to migrate to people that share our beliefs about sticking up for family, freedom and the values we hold close to our heart. We can?t leave our personal beliefs and attitude behind when we?re working because being a biker isn?t just a fashion statement, it?s a part of who we are.

The Attitude

We don?t follow the crowd. We have our own. No need to monitor the latest trends when we make our own and have no desire to change that with the season or the day on the calendar. The sense of belonging transcends any barriers. This independent and daring attitude inspired us to get on that bike the first time and it?s often invaluable to our business. Because that adventurous spirit helps us go the extra mile in whatever we do.

It?s Not All About Leather

Whether you?re rushing out the door shedding your boring business attire, or if you?re talking tattoos and rock and roll in the office break room, you can?t completely conceal the biker?and why would you? It?s more than a look. In your heart, it?s who you are and it helps you shine while at work or play.