Braids for the Chic Biker Babe

Braids for the Chic Biker Babe
Photo credit Unsplash courtesy of Greg Raines

Getting Ready for Your Weekend Ride?

Ladies we all know that the struggle is real. How to look badass when you?re trying to figure out what to do with your hair on the bike. You want to you look chic without having a mess of tangled locks to deal with. Badass motorcycle gals have proven time and time again that they know how to look just as gorgeous getting off the bike as they did when they got on. There are a multitude of methods of securing your hair during the ride, but one of the more popular ones for motorcycle divas with longer hair would be braids.

Here are a few examples to basic braids and quick directions. Try one of these braids for your weekend ride:

  • Regular French Braid: Take three pieces of hair and begin braiding them, incorporate more hair from each side of your head each time you cross the hair over.
  • Inverted French Braid: Perform the steps for the regular French Braid except cross the sections of hair underneath one another, rather than over each other.
  • Rope Braid: Put your hair into a ponytail. Create two sections. Twist each one in the same direction. Then, cross the two sections over each other and secure it at the end.
These few are just to get you started. Here are some more?examples and more detailed instructions. We?ll share other braids, and more badass biker gal hairstyles in the upcoming weeks.

Don?t forget your hairspray to keep those locks in check!?

Braids and/or a bandanna can help you avoid the dreaded ?helmet hair?

If you find some styles of braids are uncomfortable under your helmet. No worries. Once you get off your bike and take off your helmet you can…
  • Quickly whip your hair into one of these braids to look great?or
  • Go with the standard three-strand braid and slap on a bandana to rock your style
  • Unravel your hair into loose waves?and you can still rock a bandana if you like!
Dudes! We know you think your Biker Babe looks great no matter how her hair looks, but bandanas-black-wolf-bandana-1_grandewhy not pick up a GothRider?Black Wolf Bandana for your lady? (or yourself)?We think she?ll be pleased.  

Share your favorite biker chic hairstyle in the comments!