5 Reasons Leggings Are The New Leather Pants

5 Reasons Leggings Are The New Leather Pants

Ladies, it?s no secret that leggings are the most comfortable form of clothing to ever exist. But leggings are also a huge style statement. In fact, I?m here to tell you that leggings are now essential to the biker chic and punk styles.

I am here to suggest that leggings are the new leather pants. They are the new ripped jeans. They are certainly the new fishnet stockings. Here are five reasons leggings are the best pants out there.

Reason #1: Comfort

Leggings are hella more comfortable than leather pants. Seriously, how do you even move in leather pants? And jeans are comfortable, but nowhere near as comfortable as soft leggings.

Reason #2: Riding boots + Leggings = Match Made in Motorcycle Heaven

Leggings look infinitely cuter with high boots. They draw attention to your favorite boots, and they fit well inside the boots. No stuffing extra fabric inside your boot here.

Reason #3: The patterns!

Leggings come in amazing patterns, so every pair looks unique. Over at GothRider right now, we have 9 bad-ass prints. Skulls? Skulls with roses? Bats? We?ve got it.

Reason #4: Your ass looks amazing

Leggings have this incredible magic ability to firm up your thighs and butt. And you look this good without the discomfort of body-shaping wear.

Reason #5: Range of motion

We know you can?t move well in leather pants. And jeans just don?t have the same range of motion as leggings. Whether you?re riding, dancing, playing pool, or kicking ass, leggings let you move.

There you have it. Leggings are the best form of pants out there, especially for badass women.