Benefits of Creating a Home Biker Bar

Benefits of Creating a Home Biker Bar
Photo Courtesy Flickr via Creative Commons

You don?t feel comfortable leaving your motorcycle parked outside, but the bartender frowns upon bringing your ride inside. If you had your own biker bar, then you wouldn?t have that worry.

A Few Benefits of Having Your Own Home Bar

  • No more worrying about your ride
    • Maybe you can?t relax because you?re concerned about where you left your bike outside in that tight parking space. Or it’s raining like crazy and your bike is sitting out to brave the elements.
    • At your home bar, you can park your motorcycle in your garage, or drive it right inside if that’s what you want.
    • Safety comes first for bikers, so if you?re going to have a drink, drinking at home is the best bet.
  • Drink what you like, how you like it
    • You know which bartenders make the drinks just how you like them and stock the brand you prefer. Often it?s hit or miss if you?re going to get both?until now.
    • Having your own home bar means having exactly what you like to drink, and it’s mixed perfectly.
  • Your Bar, Your Choice of Music
    • Most bars have a jukebox with a nice selection of music, but who’s playing the music, and is it something you want to hear? Or is the sound like chalk on a board to your ears?
    • Your bar=your choice of music. Whether you?re ready to relax, or put on head-banging metal, choose your tune and turn up the volume. You?re in control.
  • You can call it whatever you want
    • Imagine your friend?s reactions when you boast about the best bar around.
    • You can let them wonder where this new hotspot is, or make your bar the newest place to entertain all of your friends.
Now that we?ve got you thinking about whether you want to plan a home bar, grab a brew Bar mug Skulland consider the possibilities. We?ll share more home bar basics in upcoming articles, but until then, don’t miss this Viking Skull Beer Mug.?You?ll already have the first item for your home biker bar.

What Do You Think is The Most Essential Element or Item for Your Home Bar?