Some of the Biggest and Best Motorcycle Rallies in the USA

Some of the Biggest and Best Motorcycle Rallies in the USA
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
A delicious selection of food, amazing bikes, contests, biker gear and awesome rides?what?s not to love about a motorcycle rally? Lucky for us, there?s a?ton to choose from?and they?re spread over most of the year. That way you can plan to attend more than one to enjoy all the fun. We all have our favorites, but we?d like to highlight a few rallies that stand out.

Is Bigger Better?

You may not have had the opportunity to attend this rally yet, but if you?re a biker, you?ve probably heard of?The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It?s one of the greatest things to ever hit the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota. Founded in 1938, with over?510,000 attending in 2015?for the annual Sturgis rally, it?s the biggest United States motorcycle rally drawing bikers from all over the world. Even if you?re not a biker, you might?ve caught some of the excitement of the rally by watching the world?s largest biker bar?Full Throttle Saloon?reality television show from 2009-2015. This huge rally is something to see with miles of open road and gorgeous countryside.

Claiming Fame as the Oldest Rally???

Touting unmatched scenic rides each June, it may not be the biggest, but?Laconia Motorcycle week?in Laconia, New Hampshire claims fame as the oldest bike rally. They?re preparing for their 95th?anniversary in June 2018. A few national events such as the Great Depression, World War II and other occurrences resulted in the rally being cancelled seven times since inception. Otherwise this rally would already have passed the 100-year mark since it began its gypsy tour in 1916.

For Honor and Patriotism

The Rolling Thunder Ride?started in 1988 in New Jersey but since moved to Washington, DC. It?s not exclusive to Washington, since smaller events are held over the country, but thousands gather at the Vietnam Memorial over the Memorial Day weekend where former military gather to pay respects to the fallen. The Rolling Thunder organization sponsors the rally and seeks to raise awareness of prisoners of war and those missing in action. Celebrating its 30th?anniversary in May, the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom?s important patriotic theme attracts many people wishing to honor and support military, emergency responders and fallen soldiers.

No Boys Allowed

Motorcycle rallies aren?t just for the boys anymore with more and?more women-only motorcycle events?popping up and attendance growing to the thousands.?The Dream Roll, a female-only motorcycle camp retreat initiated in 2015, provides a rural escape bordering on the Washington and Oregon state lines.?Babes Ride Out?is another ladies-only option. This four-day ladies-only event rents out 40 acres of campground in Joshua Tree California.

You Don?t Need a Reason to Rally

No matter where you live, or what kind of biker rally you?re looking for, you shouldn?t have to look far to find a reason to hop on your bike and ride. Get out your calendar and mark down the rallies you don?t want to miss. Or gather your gear, pack your favorite?motorcycle attire?and plan to catch one the next year, because one thing?s for sure?motorcycle rallies are here to stay.