When You Have Bike Hair & You Do Care

When You Have Bike Hair & You Do Care
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You can find the expression, Helmet hair, Don?t care, everywhere on the internet. That?s because inevitably if you?re wearing a helmet, your hairdo is not going to come out the same as when you started. In fact, anytime you?re on a motorcycle and the wind is whipping through your locks, it?s bound to create a style all it?s own?and it?s not always the look you want to rock. Especially if you ride to work, or another destination where you don?t want to look like you just stepped out of a wind tunnel.   If you enjoy riding, you realize this is a small price to pay so you don?t care that your hair looks like you?ve been electrocuted, or that it?s tangled in a giant mass. But sometimes, perhaps we do care if we?re stepping off the bike with helmet hair. So what?s a girl, or a guy, to do about that frazzled helmet hairdo?

Prevent It

You plan ahead to reduce post-biking hair maintenance.
  • Keep your hair smooth and out of your face by wearing a stretchy headband.
  • A bandanna allows your helmet to fit more comfortably and helps keep your layers, or bangs, from tangling or hanging in your face.
  • For longer hair, gather your damp hair at the nape of your neck and either braid tightly, or twist into a tight knot. Release your wavy hair after your ride.

Fix It

You decide that helmet hair is inevitable, so you deal with it after the ride.
  • Many people choose braids to manage their mane. If you want to spend a little more time on your braid, there are a variety of other braiding options besides the standard braid.
  • Other hairstyles to consider for longer hair after you?ve taken off your helmet include a French twist or a topknot.
  • Slip into the bathroom and wet your hair down for a sleek style, or just ensure you?ve removed most of the tangles and rock a messy bun.

Hide It

You decide your hair is hopeless to fix, or you just don?t care. That doesn?t mean you can?t still look pretty awesome.
  • Put on a ball cap. Either tuck your hair underneath or pull it through the back in a ponytail.
  • Leave your bandanna on when you get off the bike and allow the cool design on the fabric to distract from your messy hair.
  • Ignore your disorderly hairdo and slip on some sexy shades. If anyone dares to raise a brow at your hair, glare over the rim.
  Based on the plethora of sites seeking and offering solutions for helmet hair, there?s no doubt that it?s an enigma for almost any biker. Your best bet is to find something that works well for you and your hairstyle, always carry extra hairbands and hairpins, or simply decide that you really don?t care.