Biker Charity Spotlight: Omaha Area Bikers

Biker Charity Spotlight Omaha Area Bikers |GothRider Magazine
This photo from the OAB site is from the very first spina bifida charity ride in 1986.

After our last biker charity spotlight, a fellow GothRider reached out to tell us about the great work his local biker organization does. Jonathan Kelly (are you reading this, Jonathan? Say hi!) told us Omaha Area Bikers has been raising funds for spina bifida for years.

Omaha Area Bikers has just finished their 30th Annual Spina Bifida Run. That’s right, for three decades the local biker group has raised funds for Nebraska Spina Bifida, Inc.

Their entire group is dedicated to the cause. They sponsor four charity events a year: the poker run, a wild game feed, a pancake feed, and a Cajun feed.

No one makes a profit in this group. All donations and membership levels go to putting on the charity events or go directly to Nebraska Spina Bifida, Inc.

Nebraska Spina Bifida?is a network of both children and adults who live with spina bifida. They have been around since 1983. According to their website, the donations from Omaha Area Bikers have provided “camperships, AMEN funds, educational materials & seminars, medical equipment, family support services and new parents packets.”

It’s impressive that a biker organization exists not just for a common love of motorcycles, but to completely benefit a great cause.

Are there any other GothRiders in OAB? What other biker charities do you benefit? Let us know in the comments. We may highlight your chosen organization next!