What Do You Love About a Biker Bar?

What Do You Love About a Biker Bar?
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
They?re something about a biker bar. The motorcycles lining the entrance entice you to stop and take a closer look to admire their metal magnificence and leave your troubles behind on the road. Whoever you are, and whatever you do, is left outside once you close the door. You?re free to relax and be yourself without explaining yourself to the non-riders who just might not understand the allure.   The music might be really loud, and the small space could be crowded shoulder to shoulder with leather and lace, but somehow you feel almost as comfortable as if you were in your living room. The unique atmosphere isn?t the same as other bars. Here you feel welcome?like you belong.

A Biker Bar Isn?t Created, It Evolves

The bar shows it?s age with pride, often maintaining relics of registers?and perhaps bartenders who?ve been there just as long. There?s no rush to modernize or redecorate because the tear in a stool, or a crack in the wall tells a story of the history of all the bikers who?ve claimed this place as home. The dim lighting enhances the hodgepodge collection of d?cor that somehow accidently creates an awesome ambiance.   The drinks aren?t fancy, and often the specialty cocktail might be a drink you?ve heard of before but it?s dressed up with a badass biker name. It might be served in a mason jar or a plastic cup, but it?s always ice cold. The menu and the food may not sound like anything special, but the eats are often the best-kept secret of this hardcore hideaway.

You?ve Found Your People

You might not be one of the regulars lining the bar in a seat they?ve claimed as their own, but you feel welcome even if it?s your first visit. Most seem to sense if you just want to be left alone, or if you want to listen to the local stories that have been told and retold until they?ve become legend.   A bartender at a biker bar usually doesn?t take any crap and has a no-nonsense attitude. They might be a little fouler in the mouth, but they can manage a bar full of bikers with ease and mix an awesome kick-ass drink. Often they?re able to mix your favorite brew even better than you do at your home bar.

And Of Course, There?s The Bikes

You might tell your non-rider friends that you stop for the motorcycles but that?s not always the reason you stay or return again and again. Perhaps it?s best to let them believe that. We know it?s for much more. If you convince them to come along and they?re charmed by the hidden highlights then the more the merrier. If not, then they don?t need to know what they?re missing out on. They wouldn?t understand.