What to Consider Before Getting that Fabulous Tattoo

What to Consider Before Getting that Fabulous Tattoo
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
So you?re ready to get a tattoo. Whether it?s your first, fifth?or you?ve stopped counting, consider these five questions before the first drop of ink. No matter how badass that tattoo is today, and how tempted you are to rush to the first tattoo artist, don?t forget?tattoos are forever. Unless you want to deal with a tattoo?re-do?later or the expense of laser removal, this little bit of contemplation can save you later frustration.

Is This the Right time for a Tattoo?

If you?re already rocking a sleeve, it might seem like?anytime?is a good time for a new tattoo. Most of the time we love fresh ink, but there are some times that aren?t the best time for a tattoo.
  • The party is just wrapping up.
    • Poor judgment and bad decisions often accompany alcohol, plus alcohol is a blood thinner and you may bleed more.
  • That motorcycle rally on the beach is coming up.
    • Swimming and the sun should be avoided for at least 7-10 days after a new tattoo.
  • You?ve had too much fun in the sun.
    • Sunburned skin and tattoos don?t go well together.
  Tip:?Ask about?after-care instruction. Your tattoo may look like it?s healed before it actually is. Healing often depends upon the type, style, size and placement.

Did You Choose the Right Artist?

All tattoos are unique and so are tattoo artists. Take the time to get to know your artist?before?starting the tattoo.   Ask questions such as:
  • How long have they been tattooing? Ask to see their portfolio.
  • Are they licensed? How do they sterilize their equipment?
  • Where will they work on the tattoo? Do they have a private area?
  Tip:?Ask if they do touch-ups, or if they have any type of guarantee for their work.

Right Tattoo?

Maybe you look at your first tattoos with fond memories?or perhaps you have nightmares over a few early design choices.
  • Think about why you chose this particular design.
  • Consider if the tattoo is something you will enjoy for the long-term.
  • Can the artist you?ve chosen replicate the design to your satisfaction?
? Tip:?Consider?henna?for a trial run with the design.

Right Place?

After you?re sure about the design, determine where you want the tattoo on your body.
  • We love to wear our ink proudly, but make sure your tattoo won?t cause problems in your current or future career.
  • Will you be required to cover your ink?
  • Do you want that personal design in a prominent place that might elicit unwanted questions?
? Tip:??Different tattoo sites?often have varied levels of pain.

Is the Price Right?

Can you afford the tattoo you want? The artist, the colors, the size and difficulty of the tattoo, and other factors help determine the cost of a tattoo.
  • Most tattoo artists charge per hour. How long will your design take?
  • Some artists require a deposit if it is a large and/or detailed design.
  Tip:?Ask if your tattoo can be completed in segments to space out the cost.   Getting a tattoo is a personal decision. If you?re confident in your choices, then get ready to rock that fabulous, badass tattoo!