Best Dive Bars: Texas Edition

Best Dive Bars Texas Edition |GothRider Magazine

In our latest edition of the best dive bars for the travelling GothRider, we’re headed back to the Lone Star State. Texas doesn’t just have great scenic motorcycle rides; it also has great bars and is a biker-friendly state.

Caves Lounge, Arlington

Arlington sits between Dallas and Fort Worth, and is packed with great dives. Arlington is home to the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Statdium, the Texas Rangers, Six Flags Over Texas, and the University of Texas at Arlington. A few mile ride from touristy Dallas and fun Fort Worth, Arlington is a destination in its own right.

Caves is an unassuming bar in West Arlington. It’s called Caves because, well, it feels like a Cave. The walls are painted black, and the inside is windowless. The beer is cheap, and the bartenders are great. The best feature is the back patio; it’s huge with plenty of seating to enjoy the fresh air. If you travel with your dog, Caves is also dog-friendly.

Barfly’s, Austin

Not just full of weirdos, the state capitol is also full of great bars. However, a lot of those bars are pricy and uncomfortably upscale. Barfly’s is cheap and unpretentious. Beers can go as cheap as $1.50.

Barfly’s has a killer jukebox, a pool table, and foosball. They host events throughout the year such as potlucks and foam parties. They are accepting of all types of crowds, so don’t be afraid to let your rebel side show.

Ships Lounge, Dallas1

If you say you’re headed to a bar on Lower Greenville in Dallas, people typically expect you to dress up and prepare you to spend quite a bit of money. Ships Lounge is the exception. There’s no dress code, and no pretension.

Ships Lounge is cash-only, but you can also bring your own liquor. You can even give them a few bucks for a glass with ice. There’s a jukebox, but it’s a quiet setting. If you’re looking for a party, head to one of the

Alice’s Tall Texan, Houston

Another no-frills dive?hidden amongst swankier bars is Alice’s. Alice still runs the place, and she keeps the beer cheap and cold. The drink choices are limited to just a couple of Texas and domestic beers, but you can bring in your own liquor or wine, if you must.

This type of bar is a dying breed in the U.S. Strangers will talk you up and buy you drinks all night. Play some pool or just relax among the friendly Texas faces. There’s no food, but feel free to bring in something for all the patrons to share.