Consider Your Home Biker Bar Basics

Consider Your Home Biker Bar Basics

Biker Bar Basics

Now that you?ve had some time to consider the Benefits of Having Your Own Biker Bar, ?we can move onto the basics to get you started. Initially you?ll need to make a few decisions to determine what you want in your home bar. The basic questions we need to examine in order to begin are the Who, Why, Where & What of your bar.

Who is the Bar For & Why Do You Want One?

  • Is the bar solely for personal use?
  • Do you enjoy entertaining and plan to use your home bar?
Where Do You Want the Bar to Be Located in Your Home?

Inside or Outside

A few things to take into consideration as you make the decision about location include:
  • Do you plan to use the bar year-round? (What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?)
  • Do you want your biker buddies to be able to pull right up on their ride?
  • Would you prefer to sit in comfort inside to relax?
  • How much space do you have, or need, for your vision?

No Space?No Problem

You might be concerned that you just don?t have any space to spare for a home bar. Perhaps you?re worried about the impression the bar might make on?stuffy guests, or you don?t want an open bar near the kids. Here are a few solutions to make your home bar a reality:
  • A fold-down Murphy Bar. What is that? Here’s an example.
  • Portable Industrial Bar Cart. Say what? Something like this.
  • A few More examples included within Here.

What Do You Want

You have the vision in your mind of what you consider as the ultimate look for your bar.

You Don?t have to be an Interior Designer to Know What You Like.

Consider whether you?d prefer:

  • Old School Vintage Look
  • A little more Hardcore
  • Hidden (Murphy Bar)

The Essentials

All you really need are a few key essentials to get you started.
  1. Stock of Your Drink of Choice
  2. Music to convey the mood
  3. A badass stein to enjoy your brew
Here?s a beer mug to grab for your bar. This Gothic Skull Beer Mug is definitely badass?Home Bar, Skull Beer Mugcheck out the cool handle!
  • Stainless steel material, internal process smooth, easy to clean
This mug has a high temperature resistance features, suitable for the various needs Unique handle    

Tell us in the comments what your dream home bar looks like?