What Kind of Motorcycle Rider Are You?

What Kind of Motorcycle Rider Are You?
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
Biking seems like a solitary endeavor, and it is in many ways. Yet when you pass another motorcycle rider you might feel compelled to greet them like a friend with a nod or a variation of the?biker wave?with two fingers pointed parallel or down toward the ground, as if a symbol of peace. Because even though we share a love of motorcycles, we often show it in different ways. Just like there are different kinds of motorcycles, there are different kinds of motorcycle riders.

The Fair Weather Rider

Your motorcycle sparkles like the?bling?rocking your fingers as your chrome and steel queen waits in the garage for the perfect day to show her off to the world. You?re checking the forecast because there?s no way you?re taking out your beautiful beast to have her speckled with rain. You spend most of your spare time tweaking modifications to make your bike as unique as you.

Backseat Biker Babe

You don?t always know where you?re going, but you don?t care. It?s about the motorcycle you?re riding and who you?re with that?s important. You love to wrap your arms around your favorite bad boy biker and rest a cheek against the smooth leather of his back as you ride into the sunset with your hero.

Riding All Day, Every Day

Your motorcycle isn?t for recreation; it?s your everyday means of transportation 365 days a year?by choice. The weather isn?t going to deter you from hitting the road and rocking your ride. There are no rules when you live to see the world on two wheels up close and personal. Your motorcycle isn?t a hobby, it?s a part of you.

Loud & Proud Bikerr

They hear you coming from the roar of your pipes and won?t miss you leaving when you?re rocking all your favorite?biker gear?no matter the month, day or year. When the situation prevents you from wearing your favorite biker gear and apparel, you keep your love of riding close to your heart with the ink etched on your chest.

Three?s Not a Crowd

When you bring out the bike, you?re calling the boys. There?s nothing more fun than getting the group together and hitting the road. You can almost anticipate the moves of the other riders as easily as the twists and turns of the path. You enjoy motorcycle riding best when it?s shared with your badass biker brothers and sisters.

We Are One and the Same

At the end of the day, no matter what kind of motorcycle rider you are, ultimately most bikers are one and the same. No matter when or where we ride, we understand each other. We love the open road under our feet and the wind at our back. But most of all, we all love our motorcycle.