Lace and Leather: Fashion Articles for Bad-Ass Women

Biker Fashion

This week, GothRider Magazine is excited to launch a new series of articles specifically for our female customers. Lace and Leather has all your biker-chic, rocker chick, tattoo babe fashion info.

So, what does it mean to be a GothRider lady? What do we mean by Lace and Leather? It means you embrace your inner bad-ass but still flaunt your femininity. It means you can rock chains and leather with leggings and sparkly jewelry.

Lace and Leather posts are dedicated to creating the bad bitch look you want. We?ll highlight trends and new products. We?ll focus on how to get that high-end, Alexander McQueen look at blue-collar prices. We?ll include our favorite makeup trends and tutorials.

This week, we?ll start you out with some haute couture eye candy. Something about the high-end Gothic fashion just sets our biker hearts a-flutter. You know these women could kick your ass and look fabulous doing it.

Biker Fashion Biker Fashion Biker Fashion Biker Fashion Biker FashionStop drooling! Look, you may not be able to rock Alexander McQueen haute couture (is it even practical for riding a Harley?), but you can look just as bad-ass.

Check out the shoes on all the models. Lace up boots with heels? We know you’ve got a pair or two. Start with that. Next week, we’ll work on accessories.

What fashion posts do you want to see on our upcoming?Lace and Leather posts? Let us know in the comments!