Best Scenic Motorcycle Rides: Northeastern U.S. Edition

Best Scenic Motorcycle Routes northeastern u.s.

We?re back with more scenic rides. And since there are so many biker rallies happening in the Northeast next month, we decided to give you some must-see motorcycle rides in the region.

The Shelburne Falls Loop, Massachusetts

Best Scenic Motorcycle Routes northeastern u.s.
Photo by Ali West

This 132 mile loop starts in Gardner on Route 2. In Shelburne Falls, you?ll begin heading south, then start back east in Amherst. The road quality isn?t the greatest, but this is a popular drive for bikers.

The steep hills of the ride go through picturesque farmlands, quaint towns, forests, and vistas. In Shelburne Falls, be sure to stop and walk through the Bridge of Flowers–which is exactly what it sounds like! On your way back east, drive along the Quabbin Reservoir for great scenery.

Concord Loop, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Best Scenic Motorcycle Routes northeastern u.s.
Photo by Pablo Sanchez

If you find yourself in Concord, be sure to take a day for this loop. From Route 2A you can take Route 122 to the north and cross into New Hampshire. This is a 125 mile ride of the best scenery the northeast has to offer.

You?ll pass orchards and farms, as well as majestic forests. The roads are well-kept, except for a gravel patch. The roads themselves aren?t full of twists, but the ride is relaxing.

Lincoln Highway, Pennsylvania

Best Scenic Motorcycle Routes northeastern u.s.

This is a short, but historic and beautiful ride. Start in Breezewood and head east on US 30. This awesome highway is part of the same route Lincoln took to Gettysburg.

This 40 mile ride winds through gorgeous mountains. There are plenty of amazing lookouts to stop and take pictures. The roads are well-kept with a fair amount of twists and elevation changes.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Best Scenic Motorcycle Routes northeastern u.s.

Start this 25 mile loop in Bar Harbor, a great oceanside town. The best scenery will start on Route 233 West, but you can loop the entire way Loop 3 for a longer ride.

This ride has it all all: mountains, coastlines, lakes, and rock formations. The roads are well-kept because it?s a national park. Bar Harbor is a great tourist town, as well.

Grand Army of the Republic Highway, Pennsylvania

Best Scenic Motorcycle Routes northeastern u.s.
Photo by Doug Kerr

This motorcycle route is a great mini-road trip. Route 6 stretches 374 miles from Millford to Pennline. The historic towns along the way memorialize veterans all the way back to the Civil War.

The scenery can?t be beat. You?ll drive through the Pocono Mountains, Susquehanna River Valley, and see the Allegheny National Forest. Plan to stop in the small towns along the way, and enjoy the landscape.