What Should You Think About While Planning Your Motorcycle Trip?

What Should You Think About While Planning Your Motorcycle Trip?
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
There are two kinds of people. Those who like to plan, and those who prefer to just go with the?road?and hop on their motorcycle and let their heart lead them. Regardless of which category you fall into, putting a little thought and planning in your next motorcycle trip can make it even more awesome.

Start at the End

Choose your destination and work backwards as you plan your trip. Once you determine where you want to go and outline your route, calculate the length of your ride in miles and approximate hours of travel. Be sure to consider your comfort level when you decide how long of a stretch you plan to ride before you need to stop for a break, or for the day. This will help narrow down the length of your trip for planning.

Be Sure to Include Enough Time?

  • To stop for gas
  • For rest stops
  • Just to stretch your legs
  • To enjoy the scenery
  • So you can check out local attractions in the area

Enjoy the Journey

Mapping out the route is important and there are many?sites?to help you plan your trip, but don?t forget to allow extra time for your personal preferences to make your ride as unique as you.

Take Your Motorcycle Trip from Ordinary to Extraordinary?

  • Do you prefer riding the highway or off road?
    • Consider traffic patterns and potential scenic views
  • A little?research?on the best stops, accommodations and road quality can make the trip more pleasant.
    • Don?t forget to read restaurant reviews, or better yet?find a local hotspot to make your trip memorable
  • Engage with other riders online and ask about their experiences
    • Try to replicate the highs and avoid the lows to make your trip outstanding
  • Where will you stay? At a hotel? With friends? Camping?
    • Check out local events nearby

Be Prepared

When you?re deciding what you need to bring, consider how much storage space you have available. Whether you have saddlebags or a?backpack, it?s best to pack lightweight clothing for layering.

Safety First

  • Make room for a basic first aid kit
  • Ensure you have a GPS or mobile app
  • Pack extra?sunglasses?so you don?t miss any awesome views if you lose yours
  Tip:?Motorcyclists know how important safety is and maintain that thought in the forefront of their mind. For your family?s peace of mind, and in case of an emergency at home, always let someone know your route and destination. ? Don?t Forget the Extras
  • Snacks?For quick energy and to have your personal favorites
  • Phone charger?An extra battery is a plus
  • Emergency motorcycle tool kit?Don?t forget to give your motorcycle a once over before you go
  • Cash?Because some places still don?t take plastic
  • Rain gear and extra clothes for longer trips?Because Mother Nature can be fickle and change the forecast after you?ve left home

Embrace Unexpected Opportunities

If you?re hardcore about planning your motorcycle trip, search Google for tons of resources and attractions along your route to make your trip as unique as you. If you?re a?go with the road?kind of rider then just hit the road and plan to have an awesome time.