Tired of Thoughtless Questions About Tattoos?

Tired of Thoughtless Questions About Tattoos?
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
A tattoo is personal. This permanent inked memento could preserve a special memory, boast about what you love in life?or maybe you just thought that cool skull would look?badass?on your arm. Whether your body is your canvas, or you have a lone design showcasing your personality, it doesn?t mean you want to discuss your ink with anyone.   Many people seem to think your tattoo provides the perfect opportunity to prod you with thoughtless questions. Perhaps it?s time to turn their questions around.

What Does Your Tattoo Mean?

You like to make a statement from your wheels to your wardrobe and your tattoo is no different. Even if you were inclined to share your personal thoughts about an intricate inked design and how it resembles your favorite?bling, are they prepared to hear the story?  
  • Badass Response:?Even if you only chose the design because it looked awesome, make up an outrageous story that leaves them speechless.

Are Tattoos Addictive?

Many people claim that once they get a tattoo, they immediately begin planning their next design. The question about ?tattoo addiction??is often directed at someone covered with tattoos so?do they really want an answer?  
  • Badass Response: Suggest they get their own tattoo and test the true addictive nature of tattoos for themselves.

Did It Hurt?

Really??This question almost doesn?t even validate a response. If you said,?No, most people won?t believe you.?Yes?is the obvious response, but someone who doesn?t have a tattoo might not understand how the process is part of the appreciation gained from the end result.  
  • Badass Response: Stare silently with a raised eyebrow until they realize how ridiculous the question is, or else offer to help them test their pain tolerance.

What Did Your Parent?s Think?

Your parents might?ve thought your first motorcycle or hot rod was a bad idea, but that didn?t stop you from following your heart to the highway. You don?t answer to anyone but yourself and you rock to your own tune. Why would a tattoo be any different?  
  • Badass Response: Explain how disappointed your parents were because you waited so long for your first tattoo and how unhappy they remain because you have ink-free skin.

Are You Worried about How It Will Look When You?re Old?

Unless they?ve discovered the fountain of youth,?nothing?will look the same on anyone when they get old. Skin is going to sag whether you have a tattoo or not. Your ink will only help you appear more hardcore to your grandkids. Long ago you realized it?s not about appearance as much as?attitude.  
  • Badass Response: Tell them they should consider a?bandana?so they can stylishly conceal their snooty expression.

Does This Mean You?re a Badass?

Your tattoos are reminders of who you are, where you?ve been and where you?re going. No explanation required. A rebel doesn?t need the exterior packaging to be a badass?that comes from within?but having amazing ink announcing it to the world doesn?t hurt either.  
  • Badass Response: Yes. Yes, it does.