Top 10 Reasons to Get Inked

Top 10 Reasons to Get Inked

I?m sure we all remember the day we got our first tattoo. There was excitement, fear, maybe a little shame depending on your parents? opinions. But then, we were in love with ink. Tattoos are addictive, and you can?t stop at just one.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Get Inked.

#10 Bad-assery

The first time you go into the tattoo parlor, you feel like a badass. There?s no way around it. Despite how mainstream tattoos are now, there is still a feeling of rebellion in getting your first.

#9 Art

Okay, we?ve all seen some serious tattoo fails out there. Hell, we may even have one. But a truly awesome custom piece by a truly awesome artist makes you a one-of-a-kind walking masterpiece.

#8 Adrenaline

Even after the first ink, tattoos come with an adrenaline rush. It?s simple science: knowingly putting your body in a painful situation causes adrenaline. It?s awesome.

#7 Culture

Tattooed people are awesome people. You can bond over shared experiences and meaning of your tattoos. You can glimpse the soul of a stranger from discussing their tattoos.

#6 Social life

An interesting tattoo is a guaranteed conversation-starter. Forget awkward lulls in conversation with strangers. Inked or not, your tattoos can start conversations that end in friendship and more.

#5 The pain

Let?s be honest, the pain is kind of awesome. For some, it?s erotic. For others, it just makes you feel invincible. Remember, pain is weakness leaving the body.

#4 Originality

Whether you have flash art or several custom pieces, there is no one on the earth who has the same combination of tattoos as you. You are an original.

#3 Investment

Tattoos are not cheap, but they last a lifetime. Your tattoos are an investment into your personality and soul. Is there any better way to spend money?

#2 Meaning

Every tattoo has a story. Whether it?s some deep symbolism or just a reminder of a crazy fun night, your tattoos have meaning. They tell your story.

#1 Awesomeness

Tattoos are just cool. They make you automatically more awesome than you would be otherwise. Because of the meaning, originality, and everything else, tattoos just make you better.