Top 10 Things Every Biker Needs

Top 10 Things Every Biker Needs

Earlier this week, GothRider gave you ten reasons to be biker. But once you have the motorcycle, what do you need? Today we give you the Top 10 Things Every Biker Needs.

#1: Oil Lube Pan

If you?re going to be racking up miles on awesome motorcycle trips, you should learn to change your own oil. And if you?re going to change your own oil, do it right. Get a drip pan to keep your wife from getting mad at the oil stain on the driveway. The pan also gives you an easy way to take the old oil to the parts store for disposal.

#2: Multi-Meter

Paying someone to diagnose your electrical problems can be expensive. It?s even more expensive when you consider that you can do it yourself. You don?t need the most expensive multi-meter to check your battery and find shorts. Save yourself some money and keep an multi-meter on hand.

#3: Kick-ass Helmet

You have a beautiful head, and you don?t want to screw that up with a traumatic brain injury. Helmets don?t have to be lame. Find a helmet that matches your personality. Are you a lady who loves color? Get a purple helmet. Are you a tall, brooding modern cowboy? Get a sleek black helmet. Otherwise, when you get those hospital bills from brain surgery, you?re will really wish you had one in the first place.

#4: Leather Jacket

The leather jacket serves two purposes. First, a leather jacket just increases your modern-day rebel look. Channel your inner James Dean. Second, if you fly off your bike or something flies at you, leather is your best bet to prevent getting scratched up on the pavement. Any other material will shred and leave you needing stitches.

#5: Boots

Good boots, particularly leather boots, protect your legs. Boots also tend to have better grip, which is another thing you want as a motorcycle rider. Invest in a nice pair, and they will last you a long time.

#6: A Couple Pairs of Gloves

A good set of gloves keeps flying debris off your hands. You won?t want bug guts all over you hands while you?re riding. Gloves also make sure you have good traction on the handlebars. A backup pair is a good idea, too. You never know if you will lose or destroy a pair.

#7: Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are an easy addition to any helmet. Use them for tunes and podcasts on the open road. Use it to take a hands-free call. If you end up too lost, Google can read directions straight in your ear.

#8: Tool kit

If you?re going to be traveling any long distance on your bike, make sure you have a basic toolkit with you. Things like loose bolts can easily be fixed on the side of the road. Make sure to include a headlamp in case you?re fixing a problem at night. Also have a copy of your motorcycle?s owner?s manual for basic care.

#9: Fix-A-Flat

Just like you need a toolkit in case you?re stranded, you should probably have a can of Fix-A-Flat on hand. You may be stuck miles from the nearest bike shop, and you might even be without cellphone signal. Use Fix-A-Flat to get you into town to patch or buy a tire.

#10: Cool Biker Gear

Once you?ve got the basics, you need to look the part. Make sure to let everyone know about the motorcycle life with t-shirts and accessories. Whatever your wardrobe needs, GothRider has you covered.