When You Want a Tattoo Re-Do

When You Want a Tattoo Re-Do
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Let?s face it, not all tattoos are created equal. You know we love them here at Gothrider. But perhaps what you thought was a great idea for a tattoo fifteen years ago, isn?t exactly your cup of tea anymore. Or that shady tattoo artist who gave you a good deal turns out to be not so great of a deal.
Alcohol and tattoo re-do
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  As well as the hardest lesson learned in that drinking and getting inked don?t mix. Alcohol might numb the pain during the process, but you might be living with the painful results for years later.

What Are You Gonna Do with that Ugly Tattoo?

Cover it Up. A talented tattoo artist might be able to rework your tattoo into something better, more representative of the person you are now, or get rid of whats-his-face?s name from all those years ago. Fix it Up. Maybe you still love your design but it?s more faded than the black jeans you refuse to depart with. Freshen your ink up with vibrant colors and make that tattoo like new again.

Or if You?ve Totally Lost that Loving Feeling

Tattoo, Re-do
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Laser tattoo removal. This requires repeat visits, costly and is still gonna be a little painful. But it might be worth it to you. ?

Don?t Take Their Word For It

All tattoo artists aren?t created equal. Check out their portfolio, talk to their clients and especially ask if they?ve done a tattoo re-do on anyone before. This is a harder challenge than just doing an initial tattoo because they have to work with the ink you already have.

If You?re Not Ready to Take the Plunge

Maybe you haven?t made up your mind yet, or you can?t have a visible tattoo at work, there are products to cover a tattoo with concealer or make-up. You can purchase products specifically created for covering tattoos, or use cosmetics that you might already have.

You Know What Numbs the Pain of A Tattoo?

bracelet-cobra-snake-bracelet-1_grande   Buying yourself something pretty like this Gothrider beautiful stainless steel and leather Cobra Snake Bracelet with a black pearl. Make yourself feel better while letting the world know how badass you are. ?  


Have You Ever Regretted a Tattoo? What Did you Do About it?

Live With it?

Learn to Love it?

Lose It?