Why I Ride Wednesday: March 16, 2016

Why I Ride Wednesday: March 16, 2016
Why I Ride Wednesday March 16, 2016

It?s time for another edition of Why I Ride Wednesday on GothRider! Last week we shared some great feedback from bikers across the internet. We reached out through Reddit again, and here?s what motorcycle lovers had to say.

?It just feels so good to have a steel horse that responds to your will underneath you!?And it will never try to get you to take it shopping??

?I love cars and road trips, but traveling on a motorcycle is a completely different experience. To start, you only have a helmet to restrict your views. Remember those amazing beach sunset you had to rearrange yourself in the car to see? On a motorcycle, you see ALL of it immediately, and it includes more senses than just your sight. On a bike, you can also feel the temperature dropping as night starts to set in, smell the salt air as the wind starts blowing from the sea, and sense the humidity increase. I feel a lot more connected not just to the bike (all that hyperbole about being ‘one with the bike’) but also to the world I’m traveling through.?

?Retired now it is the enjoyment of being more engaged with sunny-days and young riders trying to pass on some skill’s and set a example of having a good attitude about riding. Getting out and still being thrilled by ghosting along, still part of the community and camaraderie but happy to not race or want to be first at the coffee shop. Happy to follow the group but sometimes stop in the evenings to enjoy the sight of the sailboats on the sound or watch the stars come out at dusk, smell the summer air, just still thrilled to be engaged and enjoying life.?

?The short answer is that bikes are straight up fun. To expand on that, riding a motorcycle requires a lot more attention and involvement than driving a car. How you take turns, accelerating, shifting gears. It’s really all about your connection to the machine, which can vary a lot based on your style of riding and what kind of bike you ride.?

?Really to me it is a hobby, but also an intense expression of the person I am and the life I live. I have always craved freedom and individualism for myself. I have always craved doing the exciting things that common folk describe as dangerous or risky. I am rebellious by nature. Motorcycling is an extension of my being, and an incredible way to manifest my personality into a worldly activity.?

There are plenty of common themes among bikers, but everyone has their own reasons for riding. What are yours? Let us know in the comments or on social media using #WhyIRideWednesday.