Why Should You Ride a Motorcycle?

Why Should You Ride a Motorcycle?
courtesy Pixabay creative commons
We?ve shared posts in the past about why people like to ride a motorcycle. The reasons varied from such explanations as the therapeutic benefits of riding, the accompanying stress reduction, and the sense of belonging with a core group. Then there?s the connection you feel with like-minded people as well as your metal machine, and of course?the fun. Because who wouldn?t enjoy the freedom of the open road?   But there are some other practical benefits we know come along with riding a motorcycle. Most bikers don?t want to admit that we are aware of the practical reasons for riding because that?s just not the first characteristic that comes to mind when you think of a biker, so we can just keep this as our little secret from all the non-riders.   We?ll let them continue to believe we?re straddling that bike to head to work because we?re one badass biker. But just between us, we know there are a couple other benefits of choosing to ride a motorcycle over driving a car.

No Parking? No Problem

When you ride a motorcycle parking is almost never a problem?unless you?re looking for a wide open space to keep people, and car doors, away from your beloved baby. Otherwise you can usually squeeze in the smallest of spaces, and often you can fit more than one bike in a space if you need to. Try to temper your triumphant smile when you pass the people circling in their cars looking for a parking spot.

No Carpool For You

Anytime you?re heading out with a group the discussion often turns to whose turn it is to drive. A few of the unlucky ones with a larger vehicle, or an inability to refuse, often end up doing the brunt of the driving. If you choose to ride your bike?tell the guys you?ll meet them there. Sorry fellas, you?re on your own.

Avoid Sticker Shock at the Gasoline Pump

Gas prices are all over the place but one thing?s for sure, no one likes to pay the price for driving. But you won?t have to force yourself to frequent the one grocery store that has the best gas points since your bike costs a fraction to fill compared to the car. Go ahead and take the long way to work today, you can afford it.

Riding a Motorcycle Lets You Arrive in Style

Well, this one is no secret to you, or even to any of your non-riding friends. When you arrive on your motorcycle you can watch the heads turn and their envy elevate. Especially when the sun glints off a piece of your awesome bling. It?s hard to deny that riding a bike definitely elevates your image just a tad, even to a non-rider. So when they ask you why you ride just raise a brow and let them wonder a little longer. Don?t worry, we know why, but we won?t tell.