45 Thoughts We Had During "Ride with Norman Reedus"

45 Thoughts We Had During "Ride with Norman Reedus"
The June 12 premiere of?Ride with Norman Reedus?finally happened! It was everything we hoped for and more. Here are the thoughts we had during the series premiere.
  1. Norman moved to LA to become an artist of some form. We’re glad he decided on acting!
  2. He fell into group of outsiders and rebels and bikers, and he felt at home for the first time. Isn?t that true of most bikers?
  3. How has he lived in California and never ridden the Pacific Coast Highway?
  4. Roland Sands is a champion racer and bike artist in Long Beach, and he?s pretty much the coolest.
  5. Roland Sands bikes have better brakes, better wheels, and a new approach to bikes. We see a GothRider Magazine post about his bikes in our future.
  6. Can you do stunts like that ON THE HIGHWAY?
  7. We’re?so scared for Roland!
  8. Norman is not a daredevil.
  9. Only Norman Reedus gets to ?borrow? a Roland Sands bike. Lucky bastard.
  10. Norman is so not Daryl Dixon, but that?s not a bad thing.
  11. Imogen Lehtonen is gorgeous and badass.
  12. Her family invented the original skull ring.
  13. She?s borrowing a badass Harley Dyna T-sport by Powerplan Motorcycles
  14. Her family?s original London shop built on Black Plague mass grave
  15. Norman just got his first skull ring. His first skull ring? Unbelievable.
  16. Our next roadtrip will include staying in an Airstream.
  17. Norman became an actor at a pizza place called Damiano?s. Do, tell.
  18. Oh, come one! We want the rest of the story.
  19. We want to go to Pismo beach and see the dunes!
  20. Celebrities aren?t immune to lame safety videos to rent dune buggies.
  21. Riding a dune buggy is now on our bucket list.
  22. Just because you can ride a motorcycle doesn?t mean you can ride a dune buggy. (Imogen, we?re looking at you.)
  23. ?I can?t hear what you?re saying but I?m happy?–that?s pretty much what a motorcycle trip is all about.
  24. Nitwit Ridge: Captain Nitwit built a mansion out of garbage.
  25. Bixby Bridge looks awesome and terrifying to ride
  26. Zero motorcycles are electric motorcycles. What the hell?
  27. New life goal: ride a motorcycle in Africa like the guy from Zero.
  28. We are halfway through the show before we see the first fans go all crazy over Norman. We would have geeked out way sooner.
  29. Imogen has never seen Walking Dead and is riding PCH with Norman? Has she been under a rock?
  30. A 290 pound electric bike? We?re down.
  31. An electric bike to see the Redwoods just feels very eco-friendly and right
  32. ?Hot ring in my cleavage? is our new catchphrase. We are dying laughing!
  33. We want to be skull buddies with Norman and Imogen. Be right back, buying a skull ring.
  34. Are electric bikes really the future? We?re not sure how we feel about that.
  35. Those little bikes have some pickup!
  36. Norman is just the nicest guy, and the story about the guy?s brother is such a tearjerker.?Pass the tissues, please.
  37. A love of motorcycles seems to be a family thing. Is this true for you?
  38. Norman loves Monty Python. We do, too! Be our friend, Norman!
  39. The Motorcycles and Misfits podcast is awesome. Aren?t we all a bunch of misfits?
  40. This podcast and group is dedicated to biker culture in the best way.
  41. Best bike for Zombie Apocalypse: a Zero with a solar panel because noise attracts zombies. Good call, Norman.
  42. We like the podcasts suggestions for improving Daryl Dixon?s bike. A machine gun attached? Yes, please.
  43. Motorcycles are like yoga for Norman. They?re therapeutic. He gets us.
  44. Liza from Motorcycles and Misfits is basically everyone?s biker mom.
  45. Norman talks a lot about feeling at home surrounded by outsiders. And that?s what biker culture is all about.
We can’t wait for episode two! If you haven’t watched it yet, head to amc.com and watch it now! Let us know what you think in the comments.