Is The Headless Horseman Scarier on a Motorcycle?

Is The Headless Horseman Scarier on a Motorcycle?
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The Headless Horseman. Most people who are familiar with American folklore will recognize the name of the terrifying fictional character from the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow The story is usually recounted with other scary tales around Halloween. The fear of a headless man trampling through the woods on horseback in search of his head makes one think twice about walking through the woods alone at night. Now we’ve already showed you some pretty frightful things to think about this time of year when you’re on a ride, so why not one more?
Headless Horseman
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The New Metal Roaring Steed

Despite being written centuries ago, and recounted similarly in German and Indian Folklore alike, the plot is revived with a few tweaks. Now in popular culture the horseman?s steed has become a motorcycle.   We can?t say we weren?t surprised?we all know motorcycles are badass.
Skeleton Biker
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Because?Motorcycles. Enough Said.

The headless horseman has ditched the horse for the speed of a motorcycle. Why? Because not much is more frightening than the thunder of a bike ripping down a dark path. Except for maybe a headless biker trailing you. (Most likely Ichabod would be even more terrified.)
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Modern Day Horseman

  • The comic book series Chopper, reimagined the headless horseman in the modern day as a headless outlaw biker on a motorcycle who collects the souls of sinners.
  • The Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode “Chopper” features a headless motorcyclist. He seeks revenge for the loss of his head 20 years after his murder.
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  • Maybe not a headless horseman, but we can?t overlook mentioning the movie Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage starring as Blaze. (This is based on a character of the same name from the Marvel Comics.)?Can?t get much more badass than roaring in on a motorcycle as the Devil?s bounty hunter.
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So what is scarier? Would you rather encounter the

Headless Horseman on a Horse or a Motorcycle?