Jewelry for Biker Chic Women

Jewelry for Biker Chic Women

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Jewelry for bad-ass women is no different. If you?re going for the biker chic look, you need the right accessories.

Jewelry can serve two purposes. First, it enhances your black punk clothing. Second, it can be your way to show off your style when your clothing choices are limited. Maybe your work has a strict dress code or uniform, or maybe you are forced into attending a black-tie wedding. The right jewelry lets you be you, no matter what.

Luckily, GothRider has you covered.


If you?re stuck in an ugly uniform or stuffy cocktail dress, jazz up your outfit with some earrings. For a fancy look, add in some sparkly skull earrings. They will match your black tie outfit, but still show off your attitude.

If you need to dress down a bit, try these gun-slinging earrings. Channel your inner Annie Oakley no matter what you?re wearing.


If you?re a proud biker woman, you want the world to know. Unfortunately, we can?t always show off our motorcycle when we?re at work or school. But with the right necklace, everyone can know you?re a biker.


Bracelets are the best type of accessory. They help draw attention the rest of your ensemble. Bracelets for biker women are no different.

Try something like this if you want something more feminine or subtle. It adds a pop of color and class to your look.

Maybe subtle isn?t your thing. If you want everyone to know just how hardcore you are and how much you love your motorcycle, try something like this. Sure, it?s designed for men, but it would look kickass on your wrist, too.

Whatever your style, be sure to spice up your outfit with some bad-ass accessories. Next week, we talk about leggings.