5 Frighteningly Easy Costumes from 1 Cool Item

costumes, leather jacket
courtesy Pixabay creative commons

So you?ve just recieved a last minute invitation to a Halloween party and you don?t want to show up without a costume. Or ladies, your dude is reluctant to dress up, but you really want him to go and get into the spirit of the party.

No worries, as a badass biker, you might have the makings to a costume right in your closet.

You should have this item on hand, and can repurpose it into a costume that?s comfortable, and fits your style.

Look No Further Than Your Closet

costume, leather jacket
Courtesy via Flickr Erich Stussi

Most bikers are born complete with at least one Leather Jacket. Pull that bad boy out of the closet and you?ve got the makings to a badass costume.

Choose one of these simple costumes as your go-to, or have some fun and tell people a different answer each time when they ask about your costume.

Fonzie. If you?re looking to be a man of few words who has girls rushing over with a snap of your fingers and can start a jukebox with a tap, look no further.


Fonzie, Ritchie, Happy DaysSlick back your hair, add some jeans complete with a comb tucked in the back pocket and a white t-shirt and you?re good to go.

Read more about your character here.?

If you wanna go old-school classic biker, how about going as James Dean??

Pop that jacket collar, grab something to use as a prop cigarette, and find out more about this classic badass biker right here.

aviator pilot costume
courtesy Pixabay creative commons

Aviator Pilot. Do you have some nice, big sunglasses and a secret dream to fly the skies? Add a hat and you?re good to go.

We’ve got something that will go perfect with your aviator pilot costume. Check out Gothrider’s Vintage Motorcycle Googles.

Biking, googles



Negan of The Walking Dead. Because you?re a huge fan of The Walking Dead but didn?t feel like dealing with the make-up to be a zombie, and didn?t really want to go to the party anyway, so why not be a villain? The notorious leader of The Saviors, a group of rebels who rule with fear.

The Biker from the Village People. Got that handle-bar mustache? Or have you always wanted a reason to wear one of the fake ones for fun? ?Have you been saving up those Dance moves? Even if you only know the moves from the YMCA you?re in the house!

No More Excuses

Finally, you?re ready to head out to that party, or find one going on around your town.

Bonus– Most bikers have the standard black leather jacket. But If you?ve got a red leather jacket, throw on some tight black pants, a hat, and thrill everyone with your Michael Jackson costume.

Do you have another costume idea? Please share it in the comments. There’s nothing we like more than another reason to wear our leather.