Two of These Rides Have the Halloween Vibe

Two of These Rides Have the Halloween Vibe
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  It may be Monday, but many might already be thinking about the weekend and getting out on the bike. Since we’re moving into the middle of October, many of us have Halloween on the mind.  
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Maybe you?re not into ghosts and goblins. Perhaps you?re more interested in the treats you?d find at a rally than any tricks. Either way, pack up your bike and get ready to ride. Consequently the first ride is right at the heart of Harley Davidson, and it?s definitely featuring the Halloween Vibe. What Could be Scarier than Zombies and Badass Hogs? Now that?s probably not something you hear every day. It must be Halloween!
  • Redding HOG Zombie Cemetery Ride & Photo Scavenger Hunt
Oct 22, 2016 |?Redding, CA First of all, don?t let the name scare you. ?This fun Harley ride features a zombie costume contest with prizes and a scavenger hunt. In addition, you can check out all the details right here.?

Here’s the scoop on the next ride we’re scaring up.

  • Blackbeard’s Motorcycle Ride
Oct 22, 2016 |?Boerne, TX Check out all the booty about this ride right here. Don?t let the name fool you. Although considering the time of the year, seems like there’s a chance you might encounter a pirate or two on the ride? Hop on your Man-O-War and enjoy a Shiver me Timbers ride while honoring fallen U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier, SSG Matthew A. Pacino. A heartfelt ride for a wonderful cause. Following the ride stick around for some:
  • Delicious barbecue
  • Live entertainment
  • Who knows, maybe you’ll get into some pirate shenanigans with your mates!
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  Or if you?re keeping it old school, and just wanna hear about a rally complete with your two loves?music and motorcycles?we?ve got one for you coming up next.    
  • Rockers, Riders & Ribs
Oct 22, 2016 |?Longview, TX Also- you can get all the additional details right here. This triple R festival has all the essentials for an awesome good time. Most of all, we know that no matter what time of the year, barbecue is always in season. Therefore, you can have a finger licking good time as Southern rock groups take the stage to provide you with entertainment and dinner music. Finally,?maybe you don?t want to wait until the weekend? Perhaps you can get away a day during the week to start the fun even sooner. If not, no worries,?this next festival is spread out over five days.
  • Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally
Oct 19-23, 2016 |?Panama City Beach, FL Check out what they’ve got lined up right here.
  • ?Check out the tattoo contest for ideas for your next Ink, or check out the tattoo artist?s work. Better yet, enter yourself in the tattoo contest
Gothrider stickerBefore you head out to a new ride or rally, stock up on some of these daemon & pistons stickers. You can pass them out to the dudes so they will remember you as the new the badass dude they met (or that smoking hot Chick). Or keep a few for yourself to display in your garage or on your toolbox. Are You Planning on Rocking a Costume at Your Next Ride or Rally??